Gravitational permanent mold casting

Our company specialized in die casting of aluminium alloys. We use spectrometer analysis per portion to check that the material meets customer specifications. We try to serve our customers with our decades of experience in the field of casting, with ongoing quality control, with the degassing of the melt product with an ever-higher quality of cast products. We are also available to our customers with our sand cast products using two core manufacturing technologies. Hot box, which we create manually in tools for casting, and cold box, which cores we produce mechanically with a core shooter.

In the area of ​​casting, we have a broad network of consignors, with whom we work closely in terms of expertise and quality.

Our product range is very broad, the dimensions of our cast products are 0.05 kg to 40 kg.

Our annual melting capacity is around 500 tons.

Cast alloys:

• EN AC 44000
• EN AC 44200
• EN AC 44100
• EN AC 42000
• EN AC 42100
• EN AC 43100
• EN AC 46000

Melting furnaces:

• 4 pieces 500 kg
• 1 piece 200 kg
• 1 piece 50 kg