The first step in our die-casting activity began in 2016. The activity could be started in a completely separated 600 m2 hall, where we serve our customer requirements with 6 casting machines. A Philips X-ray machine is available to check the cast products, and the composition of the melt products is measured by a laboratory spectrometer. A work receipt is produced for the measured materials, which we can enclose with the product if required. In addition to the metal dispenser robot, production is carried out on our casting machines in two cells with an automated system equipped with ABB robots. The manufactured products are put into a punching press, or further robot cells remove the parts that fall outside of the cut. Our grinding department ensures that the products should be aesthetic and perfect according to the drawing. We have a circular spreader, which is filled with 0.4mm stainless steel scrap grains, and a wear drum over a basin so that we can reach even more beautiful surfaces.

Our annual capacity is about 1000 t.

Our machine park:

Bühler 660T – horizontal, cold chamber
Ital press 600T – horizontal, cold chamber (automatic cell)
Idra 420T – horizontal, cold chamber (automatic cell)
Ital press 400T – horizontal, cold chamber
Idra 380 T – horizontal, cold chamber
Idra 320T – horizontal, cold chamber
Reis 30T – Die Cutting Press

Our alloys used:

EN AC 46000
EN AC 46200
EN AC 44300