Gravity die casting

Our company specializes in gravity die casting of aluminum alloys.

We test meeting the customer specifications by spectral analysis of each lot. Through many years of experience, continuous quality control and proper melt treatment we can ensure serving our customers with casted parts of the highest quality. We offer castings with sand cores as well, we produce Cold-Box cores in-house.

We work in tight cooperation with an extensive network of sub-suppliers in technical and quality matters regarding casting.

We offer a wide range of products, weighing from 0,05 kg to 40 kg. Our yearly melting capacity amounts to 500 t.


Our casting alloys:

  • EN AC 44000
  • EN AC 44200
  • EN AC 44100
  • EN AC 42000
  • EN AC 42100
  • EN AC 43100
  • EN AC 46000

Our furnaces:

  • 3 furnaces for 500 kg material
  • 1 furnace for 200 kg material
  • 1 furnace for 50 kg material